Peppers which look like penises!

June 5, 2007 at 11:22 am | Posted in Aesoteric Blogs, Because I can., Humorous Vegetables, Love Vegetables, Note from the Editor, Odd plants, Reader Submissions, Vegetables, Why?, Your Pictures | 5 Comments

Thank you to Caroluna at the Chiff and Fipple forum, not only for recommending this blog but also for posting a fine picture of Peter Peppers…

I feel it only right to add your contribution to the rising tide of rude vegetable mayhem on the web to my own comprehensive display so here, without more ado, is a picture of some peppers that look like little willies with their foreskins rolled back…

Cavaliers or Roundheads? You decide.

I thank you!

Peppers that look like little willies



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  1. I have been trying to find seed for the peter peppers.How can I purchase them?Where can I find them?

    David Scott

  2. Hello David
    Here is where you should go to buy your Peter Pepper seeds… ebay.
    As I write, you can purchase them in packs of 25 from the eBay store at the end of this link.
    We aim to please as well as amuse.
    MRS L Carrot

  3. I cannot find the peter peppers my mom had. they were about an inch long, and had a much more penis shape than the ones i;ve seen on line. Do you know of any peppers like this

  4. and have them at various times. They tend to sell out fast and early when they get them.

    The peppers tend to vary in how much they look ‘anatomically correct’ especially before they turn, so save seed from ‘good form’ ones. I have managed to find both red and yellow form ones for this year…

  5. I had a bunch of tomato’s at work that looked like the female private area lol

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