Pepper Frogs…

June 9, 2007 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Aesoteric Blogs, Because I can., Humorous Vegetables, Is it Art?, Love Vegetables, Odd plants, Reader Submissions, Vegetables, Your Pictures | 1 Comment

A second offering from Little Miss Risky.

Another arty vegetable rendering Rene Magritte would have been proud, I’m sure.

While I’m writing, did you know that recently an ig-Nobel award was given to a group conducting a phd into the smells made by frogs? Apparently frogs give off a smell when frightened. Some smell of curry, some of freshly cut grass, others fruity while there are still further varieties who smell a bit rank.

The results have enabled scientists to make a chemical which will stop pigeons from sitting on girders, pediments and the like in major cities, therefore rendering them unable to shit on the people below. Apparently it’s already in use in London* and other major metropolises across the UK. A true service to humanity, surely! I’d have thought a pukka Nobel would be in order for that one.

Well, well, well. You learn something new every day!

Never let it be said that this site is not educational…


* Not much evidence of that when I visited, last week, though. [Ed 22 June, 2007]


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  1. hay!!
    good project 🙂
    senks 🙂

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