Rabbit-a-like Carrot Club…

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Many thanks for another fine submission of a Rabbit-a-like carrot, in this instance, from Graham Thomas, of Oldham here in good old Blighty.

Says Graham:

“I pulled this carrot this morning (Sat 3rd November 2007) from my vegetable patch here in the UK (Oldham) and thought it either looks like a finger and thumb, or perhaps a women’s vibrator!”

It certainly does.

Thank you Graham…

Carrot like a rabbit


Love me, Love Carrots…

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A splendid set of pictures here from John at the World Carrot Museum.

This brave lady loves carrots so much she has had some carroty tattoos done. Ouch. That lot must have smarted. Definitely taking her love of carrots to the call of duty and beyond…

What more can I say?

Thank you John. Everyone else… Enjoy!

Carroty Tattoos 1

carrot tat

Carroty Tattoo Too

Carrot Tat Too

Carroty Tattoo 3

Carrot Tat three

Is the Carrot half complete or half incomplete..?

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Hmm… I imagine it depends how you view the world!

My thanks goes out to Peter Bailey for this strange and wonderful demi-carrot.

“This is the way it came from the garden. I just washed the dirt off. There was no other half in the ground.” Says Peter.

Here, then, with a complexion which calls to mind a dire sun bed accident or a spray-on tan which has gone badly wrong, I give you Peter’s demi-carrot. I include photographs of both sides for your fascination…

Thank you Peter – and my apologies for the delay in posting. I have been morning sick. Everyone else, enjoy…

View 1

Demi Carrot

View 2

Demi Carrot

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