What is Love Carrots?

A sporadic photographic journal of weird or humorous vegetables. Sporadic because humorous vegetables don’t crop up that often.

No matter. When they do you will find them here.



Can I submit my own photos of humorous vegetables to this site?

Why yes, of course. The more the merrier. If you have a humorous vegetable picture you’d like shown here send it to this address:


A word of warning, the editor’s decision is final.

Do I need to do anything in return?
Not really… If I consider your photo to be funny enough I will drop you a line to let you know when I post it. I’ll also let you know if I decide not to post it. If you have a website of your own I would be very grateful if you would include a link to this site – feel free to make it point to your photo if you are the kind of tech savvy person who knows how.

Will you link to my site?
If it’s about humorous vegetables then yes, I will.

Thank you.

The Editor



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  1. I have a thingy which is shaped just like a carrot.

    Can I send in a pic of that ?

  2. Hmm…
    I can see you’ve been to comedy college but I’m afraid the answer is still no! This is a site for thingy-shaped carrots. Your carrot-shaped thingy is therefore ineligible.
    Mrs Carrot

  3. Hi, I love your site! Come visit mine some time will! Thanks lots! P.S. I have some pics of cherry’s in attachments, check em out!

  4. Never mind!

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