Fungal er… growths

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Thank you Kat Mayo for sending me a link to this lovely site with a selection of the most splendidly willy-shaped fungi I have seen in a long time.  Follow the link and… enjoy!


Nessie is alive and well and…

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Living in my salad.

In a continuance of our amusing potato series… not intentional but happening currently, I enclose this lovely Nessie shaped spud found in my own kitchen. Genus Pink Fur Apple, which looks more like ginger than a potato at the best of times and of course, this is not the best of times…

Oh look!  It\'s the loch ness monster... in potato form.

I’m sorry, I’ve drawn on it… I couldn’t help myself.


Ooer Missus.

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Thank you to Melanie Huntley for this picture of a splendidly willy shaped spud shown below.

Ooo!  A potato that looks like a penis

Combine one willy spud and more alcohol than many people have ever seen and you get… the Money Shot!

What a lot of beer and some pervy vegetable can do to the most sober citizen.

Top stuff!

Thank you Melanie…

Pervy Potatoes…

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Today we have Lea Alissa to thank for these smashing pictures of spuds which look like willies!

Says Lea

“I stumbled upon these on the net… ‘Not sure if they will appear clear on your site though…”

Have no fear Lea, they certainly do! Thank you for sending them in!


Pervy Potato 1 – or is that a Yam?

Pervy Potato

Pervy Potato 2

Pervy Potato Too

Fabulous Links

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Two smashing links for you to enjoy, today.

First up, the Mutato Collection. Ok so one of the tomatoes is in its straightforward natural form BUT I bow to the other pieces of amazing vegetable weirdness displayed.

Second, MoFa Museum of Food Anomalies – great name – An online exhibition of the Art of Regular Food Gone Horribly Wrong. A wider remit than mine, it includes not only vegetables but other foods such as, the “happily oblivious” ice cream shown below.  However, in a similar vein, visitors and regular readers are invited to submit their own anomalous foods.


What I find particularly interesting is that both these sites appear to be run as conceptual art projects by artists.  Though I run this site as an escape… a hobby, in the real world I do, also, happen to be an artist.  Is it something to do with our temperament, I wonder?

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