Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about carrots but were afraid to ask…

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My thanks to John who, being the curator and all, has brought the smashing “World Carrot Museum” to my attention.


This site contains anything – and I mean anything – you could ever want to know about carrots (but be afraid to ask) in depth and in detail! It even includes a page about carrot musicians… with links to their websites where you can see and hear carrots being played. The vegetable orchestra is, naturally, there in all its glory, along with this little gem…

And these… The Wyld Men and if you like the sound of playing with your food, not forgetting this site, www.playyourfood.com where the Wyld Men explain how you can make your own vegetable instruments. As somebody who used to end their stand up routine with “Close Down” – the national anthem played on a make up remover bottle – I can kind of relate to this.

Excellent job, John. Thank you for making your presence known as well as pointing us to all these fabulous links.

Click here to pay the carrot museum a visit.



The Rude Carrot Club

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My cringing apologies to Ron Hoggan who submitted this smashing picture on 15 of October, I hope my tardiness will not be taken amiss.

Here is another fine carrot with a willy to grow to our ever growing Rude Carrot Club. Nicely picked out on the green background, too. Top work there, Ron.

Thank you.



Rude Tomato!

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Thanks for Steve Hartley in the Lake District for this splendid picture of a tomato he grew which has a little knob!

Well done Steve! My tomatoes did nothing this year – a disaster for somebody trying to run a site like this one. Thank you for coming to my rescue! I particularly like the way the tumescent excresance has ripened before everything else.

“It was a bit unnerving when I skinned and ate it.” Steve says.

Blimey! I’ll say! As a woman, supposedly unaffected by these things, even I have to admit I’d be squeamish about peeling it… eeesh.

Anyway folks, here you go. Enjoy….

Rude Tomato!

BTW. Nice hibiscus in the background there!

Gerkin ‘ell! What’s that?

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Thanks to Daveofsky for sending me this smashing photograph of a Loch-Ness-Monster-shaped cucumber.

“I found this fellow relaxing in my cucumber plot. What could he be?”

He asks.

Hmm… Is it Nessie or is it a cucumber viper, rearing to strike – if vipers don’t strike, I’m sure somebody will enlighten me..? Notice the mouth, it looks like a glove puppet. Is there somebody’s hand in there? Perhaps it escaped from Children’s TV.

I am especially appreciative of the way he has added the little eyes, for extra effect… it’s creative flourishes like this which make the difference!

Top job, David, we thank you!


Monster Cucumber

Spiders from Mars…..?

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Here is another smashing submission from our friend Risto, who has been industriously growing mutant vegetables all year!

Thank you Risto.

“This truly horrible looking alien parsnip beamed down to our veggie patch yesterday.”

Yikes!  Are those mouth parts in the middle there?

“We refuse to eat it as it’s probably emerged from John Hurt’s stomach.”

Quite so.  Yuk!  We don’t know what he’s been eating!

Risto’s Alien Parsnip

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